Nano Gold Relies on Collaboration and Partnership

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Research & Analysis

which we develop knowledge in fields that will be of great social and economic importance in the future, but may not generate results in the short term

Roadmap planning

Resource recovery is a great opportunity for Queensland. It will:

  • Create better environmental outcomes
  • Reduce waste
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • Build a more sustainable economy to create jobs and economic
  • Benefits,which can range from informing to listening, consulting, co-producing, co-decision

Execute & Monitor

Using a systematic methodology to approach projects is a key to successful execution.

For Industry

Manufactures that relies daily waste contain precious metals get by our evaluation team a review for all input-output waste issues.Depends on the economic impact of our offered solution, we work closely to approach the green way which minimize the emission and waste.

For SME entrepreneur, Start-upS

Are you looking for a partner to market a business idea?  We offer our expertise in all the development phases of your company or product.

public-sector & Universities

As a politic-regulations maker may calculate on our support an co-thinking to reach the goals of systematic control of waste.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Recovery of precious metals is a highly demand as a big opportunities for those which focus on transfer the waste to raw material as a heart of circular economy.From the other side, the new strek regulation which control the concentration of the precious metals in the waste in minimum ppm, push the technology and innovation concepts towards the Zero-waste methodology.Both the investors and the regulation meet each other in scientific environment with huge challenges to satisfy the goals in the right way.